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  • Stan Payne

    Stan Payne is executive vice president and director of the Property & Casualty division at Stephens Insurance.

    Stan Payne joined Stephens Insurance in March 2009 in our Risk Management Division. In January 2012 he was named Executive Vice President and Director of Property & Casualty. Additionally, he continues to lead a team providing Risk Management and Insurance services to large public and private companies. Prior to joining Stephens, Mr. Payne spent 12 years providing similar services at Regions Insurance. He began his insurance career at Sedgwick James in 1995. Experienced with Risk Management in various industries, Mr. Payne has designed complex property placements, large retention casualty programs, as well as a variety of alternative risk financing options. He has also worked with clients’ mergers, acquisitions and divestitures to coordinate insurance placements and risk management services. Mr. Payne earned a BA from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 1995 and completed the Chubb/Wharton Executive Leadership Development Program at the Wharton School in 2003.

    Stan can be reached by sending email to

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